Low Viz G10 Non-Metallic

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The Next Evolution in a Defensive Blade is Now.

Perfect for Military, Law Enforcement, and responsible civilians.

After instructing hand to hand combatives for the deploying Special Operation Soldiers, Al Salvitti solicited feedback upon their return.  The consensus was that while the traditional drills and forms for blade fighting would be effective, it was something that needs to be practiced for years or decades.  The mission became how to get the warfighter to be highly effective in an extremely short amount of time.  This lead to the creation of new patented blade design which draws perfectly on a person’s instinctive fighting stance and punch.  Patent US D713,923S.

No new stances or grips to learn.

No drills to learn and master.

When holding the blade, nothing changes; except your ability-level and confidence in blade work.

        • Traditional blades run perpendicular to the forearm.  The Regiment Blade design allows for straight wrist allowing for a more powerful strike.
        • Intuitive design allows the user with little to no training to be highly effective.
        • If you can throw a jab, cross, hook, or uppercut you already have effective blade skills.
        • Extremely lightweight ideal for pocket or purse carry.
        • No edge to cut fingers when reaching into pocket or purse when unsheathed.
        • End user configurable grip options.

The Low Viz G10 is crafted from a high pressure fiberglass epoxy laminate.  The Kydex sheath is set up for pocket or purse carry with an additional hole to weave and tie paracord thru to increase the sheaths tension.  This blade is made from G10 and as such repeated striking will result in the tip breaking.  This is normal and not a defect, however the Low Viz G10 will still remain effective as a defensive tool.

3 End User Configurable Grip Options

The Low Viz G10 comes with injection molded square edge grips and plastic fasteners. 

  1. The grips can be easily removed to create a flat low profile carry option. 
  2. With the grips removed the end user can also choose to wrap the flat handle with paracord.  (Paracord is not included.) 
  3. If the desire is to carry the G10 with the molded grips it is strongly recommend to remove them and use SuperGlue Gel on the back of the grips and fasteners and reinstall.  This will help secure the grips and fasteners when striking.
    PLEASE NOTE:  This option is not reversible.


Meet the designer/trainer:  A team unified by an idea.  Promote better blades and blade skills to serious practitioners.


Al Salvitti

An independent contractor by trade, Salvitti is the plumber behind The Plumber Slap. He is also the trainer who has studied, innovated, and taught in the field of hand-to-hand real-world combatives for 40 years. His background includes TaeKwonDo, Akido, and boxing; Seven Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu, Arnis Filipino stick fighting. He is a Sayoc Kali instructor. Combining all these with years of real-world combatives experience, Salvitti developed an open-hand power strike combatives program and has instructed it to Ranger and S.W.A.T. teams, as well Special Forces, Secret Service, and Tier One Operators.

Regiment Blades is the outcome of Salvitti's 40-year focus on advancing simple and effective tactics, techniques, and tools in the study of combatives that can be used by the highly-trained and the novice practitioner.


Nico Salvitti

Nico has been training in martial arts since he could walk. He has trained in TaeKwonDo, Brazilian Jujitzu, Kali, Muay, and boxing. He is a practitioner and instructor in Sayoc Kali. Nico has instructed open-hand power strike combatives to Tier One Operators, Rangers, and Special Forces teams, and law enforcement groups with his father for over 15 years.


Northern Red

Northern Red defines its purpose through standards in training, tactics, and the method of instruction itself. The Northern Red team is built from US Army Special Operations combat veterans committed to methodology, standards, and spreading the truth about training and tactics as a paragon within the industry.

Across the full range of tactical skills and leadership training, students have come to expect the high standards of training delivery and quantifiable results that Northern Red stands on.



Developed, designed, and engineered in the USA.

Made in Taiwan.

Blade Material:
Handle Material:
Fixed Blade